St. Paul's Players 


The St. Paul’s Players is a drama ministry with the following goals: to serve as an outreach to members of the congregation and the community; to offer theater experiences and opportunities within a safe environment to any person who wishes to participate; to allow students and families the chance to benefit from everything that theater has to offer; and, through drama and the skills work in the theater develops, to reach more children and families with the love and fellowship of the Gospel and instill in them a deeper sense of their giftedness and worth as God’s children.

We conduct all productions in a professional manner, holding auditions and teaching participants about every aspect of the theater.  We have at least one major production each year and assist in other aspects within the Church's ministries.  Many first time thespians have been associated with the "St. Paul's Players" and have gone on to be cast in local community theaters.  For each production, we select a "Cast Project" to help a charitable organization in our community.

Our productions include...

October 2007 — The musical "Oliver!"

December 2007 — "The Story of Silent Night"

Holy Week 2008 — "The Living Last Supper"

December 2008 — The musical "The Littlest Angel"

Good Friday 2009 — "At the Foot of the Cross"

December 2009 — The original musical "The Forever Gift"

Lent 2010 — "A Series on Doubt"

Holy Week 2010 — "The Living Last Supper"

December 2010 — The original musical "Give the Heart a Home"

Lent 2011 -- "The Women Who Challenged Jesus"

     (and how did He respond to them?)

Good Friday 2011 -- "In the Shadow of the Cross"

December 2011-- The original musical "Patterns in the              Glass"

Holy Week 2012-- "The Living Last Supper"

December 2012 -- The original musical "Once Upon a                Christmastime"

Good Friday 2013 --"Did You Hear What I Heard" 

December 2013 -- The original musical "A Sherlock Holmes      Christmas"

Holy Week 2014 -- "The Living Last Supper"

December 2014 –  "The Fourth Wise Man" 

Good Friday 2015 --"Will You Watch With Me An Hour?"

December 2015 --  "The Church Groundskeepers Christmas       Pageant"

Holy Week 2016 -- "The Living Last Supper"



We welcome your participation!  For more information go to 

"The Fourth Wiseman"

"Living Last Supper"

Performed during Holy Week in the even years



"Will You Watch With Me For An Hour"

Lutheran Church in Columbia, SC


  Holy Communion         8:15 am

  Fellowship Time           9:00 am

  Sunday School             9:15 am

  Fellowship Time          10:10 am

  Holy Communion        10:30 am

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